Paid-Per-View (PPV)

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Required Materials

Crediting VegFund

Including VegFund in your messaging In the interest of informing the veg-interested public in the availability of grant-funding…

VegFund Paid-Per-View sign

Credit VegFund by displaying this sign at your Paid-Per-View event.

Recommended literature

VegFund requires that all grantees offer some form of literature or information at grant-funded events that educates the…

Sampling food at your event?

If you're sampling food, keep in mind… If your vegan outreach activity includes a food sampling element, be…

Measuring your success

For most grant activities, VegFund requires that you develop metrics ahead of your project to measure the success…


Activist story

Activist story

Dzīvnieku brīvība hosted 12 video “paid-per-view” (PPV) events with a food-focused twist at several facilities at the University of Latvia.…

Paid-Per-View checklist

Paid-Per-View checklist

This simple checklist will help you to ensure you've got everything covered for your video outreach event.

VegFund sign-up sheet

VegFund sign-up sheet

Encourage members of the public to sign up for VegFund updates!

Recommended short videos

Recommended short videos

Recommended short videos

VegFund's Top Short Video Recommendations Based on our grantee’s popular go-to choices, we’ve…


Animal Equality Harness the power of virtual reality in your outreach activities with…

The Truth About Dairy

James Aspey The dairy industry is one of the most deceitful industries on…

Veg pledges

Veg pledges

Recommended veg pledges

VegFund’s recommended veg pledges When you’re engaging people about vegan living, it’s helpful…

Try Veg

Encourage your event attendees to download Compassion Over Killing's FREE vegan starter guide.…


Encourage your event attendees to try vegan with Veganuary! This online veg pledge…