19-year-old brings Beyond the Lies to Virginia college campuses

3 successful paid-per-view events

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Nearly everyone was shocked and wanted to either reduce or eliminate their consumption of animals … Most pledged to at least reduce their intake of animal products, and one pledged to go vegan on the spot and wanted to get into activism.

Erika Wilkinson, VegFund grantee


minutes of video watched


non-vegans interested in veganism


new vegan activist


Location is definitely key for these events. You need to be in a spot where people will notice you. You also need to be in a place where people are hanging around and not in the middle of something in particular like walking to class or work or to a show. A younger audience, such as students, is also ideal. Festivals and college campuses usually have the most success due to demographic.

Erika Wilkinson


Some of the most meaningful moments are not the way the conversation goes, but the expressions on their faces. Almost everyone is an animal lover, and nobody likes to see animals being hurt, and when I see the hurt in people's eyes, I know they have been impacted, whether they want to admit it or not.

Erika Wilkinson

I think my biggest takeaway from doing these [paid-per-view] events is that all it takes is education. The majority of people are compassionate and vegan in their heart already; it just takes education for them to align those morals with their actions. After every single one of these events, I definitely leave inspired. I know that my conversations have possibly changed the lives of these people and thousands of animals, and that is one of the most fulfilling feelings I can ever have.

Erika Wilkinson