Online Campaign Grants

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Running Successful Social Media Ad Campaigns

Mariajosé Lozano of Animal Equality Mexico presents best practices for running social media ad campaigns that create real impact for animals. Learn how to target your audience, design campaigns and content, and measure and test your impact to improve your conversions.

Social Media Strategy to Maximize Impact for Animals

John Oberg shares his insights for animal advocates who are interested in using social media to help animals. Learn how to perfect your communication and take your social media efforts to the next level.

Building an Effective Online Behavior Change Campaign

The nonprofit digital marketing experts at Media Cause will show you how to lay the groundwork for a focused and effective online campaign that considers the entire supporter journey. They'll walk you through proven messaging, social media, and email marketing best practices.

Veg Pledges, Challenges, and Mentorships

When you’re engaged in vegan outreach, and someone expresses interest in taking the next step, have a call-to-action ready. Veg pledges motivate and guide people who wish to explore veganism further. Veg challenges appeal to people who like to step up their accountability.

See what other grantees are doing

Descubrir La Comida is an online and community campaign with the objectives of educating people about the realities of farm animals’ lives and supporting those transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Learn how they've acquired more than 12,000 new subscribers per month.