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I am convinced that it is in our hands to put an end to farm animal cruelty, and Animal Equality will not stop until we achieve it.

Katya Ramírez, Educational Programs Coordinator


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From the first moments of the campaign, seeing people’s reactions, I realized that people are naturally compassionate toward animals — they just need to be informed. Since then, I have developed these activities along with our wonderful team of volunteers who have made it possible for Mexicans to know that animals feel, that they can take them out of their dishes, and, above all, that they need us to end the existing food production systems.

Katya Ramírez

What surprised me the most was that in every school, every government office, everywhere I went to propose these activities, I found an ally of the animals who did everything in their power to obtain the permissions we needed and allow us to develop the activity.

Katya Ramírez

Top Tip

Every time that I cross paths with someone who stops to tell me, “you gave me a vegan guide,” or “you sent me a recipe,” or “I saw a video during one of your street screenings, and since then I no longer eat animals,” I can't describe the satisfaction that I get. Also, some students who received a guide at their university are now committed volunteers. These moments make every day a possibility to help animals.

Katya Ramírez