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VegFund's Top 12 VegFest Organizing Tips

Vegfests have many elements to factor in. A positive attitude, good organization, and a reliable team will help your vegfest to be a great success. These organizing tips have been consolidated from VegFund’s focus group research and event feedback from some of our veteran grantees.

How to Attract Non-Vegans to Your Event

If you find yourself looking for ways to attract more non-vegans to your event or activity or you're frustrated by low turnout, this Resource is for you. We’ve collected tips that cover a broad range of activities, from simple food samplings to large vegfests.

Event Survey

Consider using an event survey to solicit feedback from your attendees. Create your own or adapt this document for your event, and share the results with VegFund.

See what other grantees are doing

Rice Vegan Society and the Peaceful Planet Foundation presented the Second Annual Rice VegFest on March 24, 2019, at the Rice University Memorial Center in Houston, Texas. The family-friendly event was free and open to the public. The organizers tripled their attendance at this highly successful vegfest.