Special Project Grants

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Required Materials

Crediting VegFund

Including VegFund in your messaging In the interest of informing the veg-interested public of the availability of grant-funding through VegFund,...

Measuring Your Success

For most grant activities, VegFund requires that you develop metrics ahead of your project to measure the success and effectiveness...


Activist Story

Activist Story

In 2017, five synagogues in the United States and Canada committed to vegan educational programs for one year and received a $5,000 grant upon completion of The Synagogue Vegan Challenge. Learn how Shamayim: Jewish Animal Advocacy launched this first-of-its-kind challenge to encourage veganism within the Jewish community and see how they've grown since then.



The Vegan Activist Guide to Strategic Communications

Ann Searight Christiano and Annnie Niemand of the University of Florida present a science-based framework for approaching communications challenges in your advocacy work…

Veg Pledges and Challenges

Veg Pledges and Challenges

Recommended Veg Pledges, Challenges, and Starter Kits

When someone expresses interest in taking the next step, it's important to have a call to action ready