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Required Materials

Crediting VegFund

Including VegFund in your messaging In the interest of informing the veg-interested public of the availability of grant-funding through VegFund,...

Building an effective online behavior change campaign

Presented by: Kyle Buetzow and Luke Dringoli, Media Cause Introduction: Leah Gage, VegFund Online tools, techniques, and platforms have opened up...

Measuring your success

For most grant activities, VegFund requires that you develop metrics ahead of your project to measure the success and effectiveness...


Activist story

Activist story

Veganuary is a charity that encourages people across the world to experience vegan living for the month of January, a...

Recommended short videos

Recommended short videos

Recommended short videos

VegFund’s Top Short Video Recommendations Based on our grantee’s popular go-to choices, we’ve compiled a selection of recommended short videos...


Animal Equality Harness the power of virtual reality in your outreach activities with Animal Equality’s 360 degrees experience! A unique...

Veg pledges

Veg pledges

Recommended veg pledges

VegFund’s recommended veg pledges When you’re engaging people about vegan living, it’s helpful to have a call-to-action for those who...

Try Veg

Encourage your event attendees to download Compassion Over Killing’s FREE vegan starter guide. It’s the perfect beginner’s guide to compassionate...


Encourage your event attendees to try vegan with Veganuary! This online veg pledge has all of the information and guidance...