The Synagogue Vegan Challenge

The Shamayim V’Aretz Institute

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There’s not one vegan synagogue in America. It’s very hard to make changes, and we have to make it easier for people. If people see that vegan food can be healthy and tasty, they are more likely to consider a dietary change. The synagogue should be a place of education, where people can learn about the health benefits of going vegan.

Rabbi Yanklowitz, who is leading this vegan initiative, in an interview with VegNews


people sampled vegan food at one event


Age range: 21–77


Facebook Live views of Hannukkah event

Overall this has been a very good project for our synagogue to explore an important way of eating that goes hand-in-hand with Kashrut and our mission of changing eating habits. We are excited to keep going with our programming.

Rabbi Jeremy Fine, Temple of Aaron – St. Paul, Minnesota


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