Italy’s vegan film-screening tour

The Last Pig - Essere Animali

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It can move omnivores to tears, but it also still speaks to those who already know about the issue, who are vegetarian or even vegan. It explores, in-depth, the relationship between humans and other animals, and the free-range and humane meat myths.

Claudio Pomo - Essere Animali Founder


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The vegan buffet idea worked really well with this event. In our experience, most people think paying a price to see an animal rights documentary is maybe money not well spent. With food, we can make the event more attractive and have them pay the same price with a little extra to cover the costs of the food itself.

Claudio Pomo - Essere Animali Founder


We think this movie could give more motivation to vegans, too, and it was, in effect, well received by them. Many commented on the Facebook event saying this is a movie they will use with friends who eat "humane meat" or "organic meat," so the effect of the tour will go on, especially thanks to the 120 DVDs that have been sold in this week.

Claudio Pomo - Essere Animali Founder

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