Pop-up film screening in Hong Kong

The Last Pig

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I founded my vegan bakery almost a year ago, and I can see how many people have switched from cow's milk to the oat milk that we sell in my bakery. We have a vegan pizza pop-up every Sunday, and 90 percent of customers are not vegan and not even vegetarian. I am so glad that they can see how vegan food can be so delicious!

Elina Strelita-Strele, Grantee


people came to see the film


were non-veg


vegan community in Hong Kong

When I moved to Hong Kong three-and-a-half years ago from London, there was so little vegan food to choose from. Nobody knew what it was. I am so delighted to say that Hong Kong now is so super-vegan! Almost every place now has vegan options, and even locals are trying what they can to reduce the amount of animal products they consume.

Elina Strelita-Strele

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