Lagos Goes Vegan – and beyond

Rewriting the narrative of veganism in Nigeria

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Nigeria is primarily a non-vegan region, with less than 0.2% of its population being vegetarians … In Lagos alone, an estimated 164 trailers come in daily with 6,000 cows slaughtered for various purposes. The statistic goes up to 8,000 during weekends and festive periods.

Joshua Borokinni, VegFund Grantee


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Top Tip

The initial acceptance was overwhelming. Selling out the event seats and having to create more spaces for Lagos Goes Vegan was really surprising and a big boost to the team. The event itself was a huge success as it initiated a strong vegan conversation on social media and real life in Lagos.

Joshua Borokinni

After the screening of Vegan: Everyday Stories in Benin, a participant walked up to me and opened me up to a gap. She explained how she lost touch with the movie at some point due to its U.S. setting. She advised us to look into more African-centered movies on veganism, which would drive the message way deeper as the audience will be able to relate (more) to it. This stirred our decision to commence a documentary project to highlight the life of African vegans.

Joshua Borokinni

Don't be reluctant to push for whatever change you desire. Be the change you want to see — be confident enough to stand up and initiate the conversation!

Joshua Borokinni