How Eat Drink Disrupt Summit Supports Wellness in BIPOC Communities

The movement bringing vegucation and flavor to South Carolina

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It’s one thing to tell people to adopt a more plant-based diet. But helping individuals to understand the why from a clinical perspective and the how from a culinary perspective is both motivating and empowering. Dawn gives individuals the knowledge and skills to take ownership of their health!

Beth Motley, MD

I believe in the Herban Eats movement because education is key to making informed decisions that will support better wellness and health outcomes.

South Carolina State House Representative Chandra Dillard


people attended


food samples given


BIPOC vendors participated

The event weaves food, health education, farming, and a discussion about effectively dismantling food and health disparities in the U.S.

Lillia Callum-Penso, Greenville News

The EDD Heath Summits have been two of the most informative and well-planned plant-based educational health conferences targeted to the Black community I've had the honor and privilege of participating in. I have always come away from the events having learned from the other expert presenters and also with an expanded network of colleagues and contacts. Dawn's EDD Summits are "must attend" events, and I hope they will expand to cover a full weekend in the future!

Milton Mills, MD

We reached and exceeded the outcomes outlined in our original goals because we planned early, incorporated volunteer and vendor coordinators, worked collaboratively with other community-based organizations such as the United Way and Mill Village, incorporated a strong social media and email marketing campaign, worked closely with Black churches, and selected BIPOC vendors for participation.

Dawn Hilton-Williams

The event was beautiful and inspiring. I learned a lot from the cooking demos, presentations, and small business owners' vending booths.

Ciera Ikein, Greenville, South Carolina

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