Bringing Farmed Animals to the Classroom

How Catskill Animal Sanctuary brings “Virtual Field Trips” to schoolchildren

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“I loved this more than anything in the world!”

– Elementary school student




Schools in 20 states



They love to make a game of guessing the different personalities of our resident animals, and the adjectives they use to describe them are adorable — everything from "sassy" to "skeptical" comes to their minds. And they are almost always spot on and pick up on their personalities just from observing them and our interactions with them. They ask SO many questions that are both insightful and hilarious.

–  Andrea Nassar, Director of Humane Education Programs

One student virtually met our pig Jasmine and commented that they felt bad about eating bacon now, so we encouraged them to try plant-based bacon instead and see what they think.

–  Andrea Nassar, Director of Humane Education Programs

They seemed to really fall in love with all of them as individuals, just as we had hoped.

– Andrea Nassar