2018 culinary competition and wellness expo

Real Food For Kids

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To collaborate with school communities to elevate the quality and character of school food; develop and deliver programs that advance literacy in nutrition and health; and engage students, parents, and schools in building a culture of health that spreads to their homes and communities.

Real Food for Kids Mission Statement


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The challenge to develop a vegetarian dish was really fun. We eat a lot of vegetarian dishes at home. My dad’s black bean burger was the inspiration for our dish, but we switched it up with our own spices and added the guacamole. We got second place so the judges must have really liked it.

Henry, from Sandburg Middle School


Each year this event delights and surprises us. We see so much creativity from the students and so much enthusiasm to participate. It’s very clear to us that engaging students in the process of developing dishes for the school food menu is a win–win. They are the consumers — where better to get recipes that will be successful than from the kids eating them? When you hear from a team member things like 'I would so eat this' about their own dish, you know you’re headed in the right direction.

Mary Porter, Director of Programs

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