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VegFund empowers vegan advocates worldwide through grant funding and supporting effective outreach that inspires people to choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle.

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Live “Ask Me Anything” with VegFund’s Grant Programs Team

Join us for a special AMA featuring our programs team members, Leah and Mikki! They’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have about making your vegan advocacy project come to life with a grant from VegFund. Learn what you need to know to submit a successful application. Read More

VegFund Updates COVID Guidelines for Grants with In-Person Events

As we all struggle to navigate the realities of vegan advocacy during the COVID-19 global pandemic, VegFund strongly advises our grantees to refrain from hosting large in-person events at this time. However, we recognize that safety recommendations vary depending on circumstances unique to each country or region. So, if you choose to submit an application for an in-person event between now and June 30, 2021, please follow these guidelines. Read More

Our Mailing Address Has Changed!

Our mailing address changed in 2020, and we don't want to miss your correspondence. So, whether you've corresponded with us in the past or would like to add us to your contacts list, please take note of our new address: VegFund, Inc. PO Box 60042 Washington, DC 20039-0042 Read More

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New Vegan Outreach Strategies for COVID-19 and Beyond

VegFund grantees have adapted to COVID-19 in exemplary ways, and we’ve collected a few of their stories. From vegan food relief to online academic programs, vegfests, and film screenings, these activists are sharing what they’ve learned, and we hope these lessons will benefit your future outreach efforts. Read More

Surviving and Thriving During a Pandemic

During a year of isolation and incredible flux, connecting with others has become all the more important. In 2020, we started asking questions on our social media channels as a way to engage more with our vegan activist community. And you answered! We hope that you’ll see yourself in the experiences of your fellow activists, feel inspired to take another step in your outreach, use the resources we’ve compiled, and maybe share a few smiles with us, too. Read More

Essential COVID-19 Info for Vegan Activists

For plant-based health advocates in 2021, it's essential to understand how plant-based eating can improve our personal health as well as reduce the likelihood of future pandemics. So, we've compiled the best evidence-based resources. Use this post as a reference to learn and share accurate knowledge about the coronavirus and how being vegan is an opportunity to protect public health. Read More

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