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  • Supporting Vegan Advocates Globally

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VegFund empowers vegan advocates worldwide through grant funding and supporting effective outreach that inspires people to choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle.

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VegFund Announces New Board President, Stephanie Redcross

VegFund is delighted to announce that Stephanie Redcross has been elected President of VegFund’s Board… Read More

Save the Date — Global Giving Tuesday with VegFund

Giving Tuesday is on December 3rd of this year. Support VegFund on Giving Tuesday and you support thousands of vegan advocates making a difference in 50 countries worldwide. Read More

VegFund Receives a Gift from the craigslist Charitable Fund

Thanks to a generous gift from the craigslist Charitable Fund, VegFund can offer more grants to our activists so that they can do more. Read More

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A Vegan Activist’s Guide to the Holidays

The holidays are stressful! And, there’s added stress for vegan advocates. Unnecessary animal suffering is not only a common part of holiday meals but also a grotesque display celebrated at the center of the table. We’ve collected our favorite tips from our vegan community to make the stress of the holidays just a little less painful. Read More

Million Dollar Vegan Asks President Trump to Go Vegan

Will President Trump go vegan in January for a $1 million dollar donation to veterans? That’s exactly what Million Dollar Vegan, a nonprofit organization, has asked the president to do! Read More

5 Stories of Vegan Activism in Religious Communities

You are part of the vegan movement, whether you consider yourself religious, interfaith, spiritual, atheist, or agnostic. What unites us: the goal to make the world better for animals, the environment, and for ourselves. So, for the entire vegan movement, it's exciting that religious and interfaith groups are expanding the reach of veganism through their communities. Read More

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