VegFund Programs Overview

Are you a vegan advocate interested in helping people choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle? If so, please check out our grant programs!

Food Sampling

Show people how easy and delicious vegan food can be! VegFund provides reimbursement for vegan food samples, serving supplies, educational literature, and booth fees.

Pay Per View

Educate the public about veganism and industrialized farming by setting up a viewing booth at an event. VegFund provides you with funding to pay viewers to watch.


Host a movie screening in your community with support from VegFund. Choose from one of the many compelling documentaries or educational films about industrialized farming and the value of vegan living.

Online Campaigns

VegFund supports online outreach with grants for search marketing, display ads, and social media campaigns.

Merit Awards

Put your creative outreach ideas into action. Grants are available for innovative projects that spread the vegan message! VegFests, mentoring programs, and workshops are just a few examples of the creative projects that are eligible for funding. Tell us about your ideas.

Not sure which grant program is right for you? Review the chart below to get a sense of the time, skills, and resources involved with various forms of outreach.

Food Sampling Pay Per View Video Screenings Online Campaigns Merit Awards (Example: VegFests)
Rating/Average Time Commitment Easy8-12 hours Moderate8-20 hours Somewhat Challenging10-40 hours Challenging20+ hours per month Challenging6+ months planning; hundreds of hours
Personable x x x x
Knowledgeable about veganism x x x x x
Organized x x x x x
Culinary (helpful but not necessary) x
Familiarity with audio/visual equipment x x
Web-savvy, especially with social media x
Available web development resources x
Experienced event planner x
Ability to network, establish connections and fundraise x
Required Prep Work
Find a suitable venue or event x x x x
Obtain necessary permits x x x x
Secure sponsors x
Order literature x x x
Plan the sampling menu (if applicable) x x x
Recruit and manage volunteers x x x x x
Purchase food and supplies x x x
Setup A/V equipment x x
Event marketing/promotion x x
Setup website, social media campaign, and advertising account x
Manage user comments x