VegFund Programs Overview

Are you a vegan advocate interested in helping people choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle? If so, please check out our grant programs!

  • Food Sampling: Show people how delicious and easy it is to go vegan! VegFund provides reimbursement for vegan food samples, serving supplies, educational literature and booth fees.

  • Video Outreach: Educate the public about veganism by setting up a viewing booth at an event or hosting a movie screening in your community. VegFund also supports online outreach with grants for search marketing, display ads and social media campaigns.
  • Merit Awards: Grants are available for innovative and unique outreach projects that spread the vegan message. VegFests, mentoring programs and workshops are just a few examples of the many creative projects that are eligible for funding.

Not sure which grant program is right for you? Review the chart below to get a sense of the time, skills, and resources involved with various forms of outreach.

Food Sampling Pay Per View Video Screenings Online Campaigns Merit Awards (Example: VegFests)
Rating/Average Time Commitment Easy8-12 hours Moderate8-20 hours Somewhat Challenging10-40 hours Challenging20+ hours per month Challenging6+ months planning; hundreds of hours
Personable x x x x
Knowledgeable about veganism x x x x x
Organized x x x x x
Culinary (helpful but not necessary) x
Familiarity with audio/visual equipment x x
Web-savvy, especially with social media x
Available web development resources x
Experienced event planner x
Ability to network, establish connections and fundraise x
Required Prep Work
Find a suitable venue or event x x x x
Obtain necessary permits x x x x
Secure sponsors x
Order literature x x x
Plan the sampling menu (if applicable) x x x
Recruit and manage volunteers x x x x x
Purchase food and supplies x x x
Setup A/V equipment x x
Event marketing/promotion x x
Setup website, social media campaign, and advertising account x
Manage user comments x