Grants Overview

Food Sampling

It’s easy. It’s delicious. There’s no better way to change notions about vegan plant-based foods than to invite folks to enjoy some tasty vegan bites. Everyone likes to eat — and that’s why trying new food together is an ideal opportunity to start conversations about the value of plant-based diets and vegan living.


Most people are unaware of the standard practices of industrialized agriculture that inflict extreme cruelties on animals raised for food. Short videos used in paid-per-view (PPV) events are typically graphic, but they convey important truths that should be known by everyone. Invite people to watch a 3–5 minute video in exchange for a dollar or vegan food sample — and start a conversation!

Film Screenings

Documentaries and films are powerful tools for social change. They can engage the viewer emotionally through skillful storytelling about real lives and events while revealing information that is obscured from the public eye. Imaginative documentary filmmaking stirs the emotions of viewers. Effective and entertaining.

Festivals & Fairs

Vegfests are a growing international phenomenon fueled by the energy of vegan activists. These plant-powered events — along with health, environmental, food, and other types of fairs — draw veg and non-veg enthusiasts alike to experience and learn about vegan foods and lifestyle choices.

Online Campaigns

Through online videos and other multimedia, VegFund works with groups and individuals to take creative content and market it to the world! Search engine advertising, banner ads, social networking, and other types of online promotion are all areas we support to help you spread the message far and wide.

Learning Events

Share your knowledge and expertise with the world! Host a conference or panel discussion, teach a course, develop and market a webinar, or create a shareable tool such as a video or pamphlet to educate about plant-based living or promote veganism!


The body of research on animal agriculture, vegan influence, and behavior change, and other pertinent issues is growing. VegFund offers grants to researchers interested in expanding our knowledge on such topics and others that contribute to our vision of a compassionate world in which all people adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Innovative Outreach

Have an idea that doesn’t fit into the categories above? We want to know about it! Projects have included a vegan fashion show, vegan challenges in your community, a comedy web series, and other creative ways to spread your message.