Veganuary 2023: Strong and growing

More than 2M have pledged to go vegan since 2014

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This 2022 campaign, more people and businesses than ever participated
in Veganuary, beating all of our expectations. We have seen countless Veganuary activations in major supermarkets in the UK, Spain, Argentina and Germany this year. Food giants such as Domino’s, McDonald’s, HelloFresh, Burger King, KFC, Subway, Papa John’s and Starbucks launched new vegan products and menus with Veganuary, or promoted the idea of eating plant-based for a month with us.

Ria Rehberg, CEO of Veganuary


individuals signed up for Veganuary 2022


media stories published about Veganuary


new vegan menus added to chain restaurants for Veganuary


organizations took the Veganuary Workplace Challenge

The VegFund grant has been essential to our work, as it allowed us to recruit a large part of those participants through social media advertising.

Ria Rehberg, CEO of Veganuary

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