A rural outreach film-screening program

Kangaroo: A Love–Hate Story

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people attended


were non-vegan


rural representives reached

It is so wonderful seeing action taken around the world. We are at the early stages now, but attitudes will change. VegFund supporting these screenings is making a significant difference in changing attitudes towards kangaroos in rural areas. Thank you to you and your team for helping make this education happen!

Kelda, Indievillage

Some of these farming families have previously tried to get kangaroos listed as vermin, so to have them look at alternative views and think of kangaroos in a different way is going to make a world of difference for kangaroos. The screenings made many quite emotional and started conversations to give farmers a better understanding of kangaroos rather than the longstanding colonial attitude of them being "pests."

Kelda, Indievillage

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