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VegFund provides grants to vegan activists to support their outreach efforts. We fund programs all over the world that inspire people to go and stay vegan.

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2016! Let's Expand Our Reach

In 2015, WITH YOUR HELP, VegFund empowered vegan activists across the globe in their mission to create a more compassionate world by funding more than 500 grants that included:
• tastings of 147,400 delicious vegan food samples
• distribution of 231,137 informational vegan leaflets
• hosting screenings of powerful videos and documentaries to 22,145 viewers
• online advertising campaigns
• and more!

Reaching hundreds of thousands of people online and at community events worldwide.

Your gift will help activists do even more in 2016!
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Screenings: A Highly Effective Tool

What is the most effective method of encouraging people to give up or reduce their consumption of animal products? According to a recent study, it's documentaries! Check out the graph on our blog. If you would like our help to host your own screening, be sure to check out our guidelines.

Belief on the Right Side of History

History shows that questioning society is necessary in all times. Today, choosing not to eat animals makes a public, powerful, ethical statement - not just about the lives of animals, but about the nature of our character. It shows that we are honestly striving to be truly good, thoughtful people.

Read the rest of the talk.

The Roadmap to Animal Liberation

Perhaps the single line most animal advocates would agree on is:

"We want animal liberation."

But what exactly does this mean?

You can read Matt Ball's full talk on this topic, The Roadmap to Animal Liberation: Why, What, How, Who, and When on our blog.