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From Grant-Based Activism to a Plant-Based Career

Presenter: Liz Gary - Former VegFund grantee and Founder of New Options Food Group Introduction: Leah Gage, VegFund

Join Liz Gary, founder of the New Options Food Group, San Diego, as she shares her experience to help others learn how to find or create new career opportunities as plant-based foods professionals. Whether you are looking for something full time or part time, Liz will show you where the jobs are and how to get started. Explore the growing career opportunities available promoting healthy change in food service, business, and education, and turn your passion into a career that provides the great satisfaction of knowing you are filling a need and helping to make the world a better place.

An early grantee of VegFund, Liz Gary started channeling her passion for vegan food into activism using VegFund grants to host free vegan cooking classes, food documentary film screenings, and food samplings at community events. Today, she's transformed her activism into a successful career as a vegan foods sales rep, a plant-based foods educator, and a vegan business development expert in the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. food-service economy.

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Building an Effective Online Behavior Change Campaign
Presented by: Kyle Buetzow and Luke Dringoli, Media Cause
Introduction: Leah Gage, VegFund

Online tools, techniques, and platforms have opened up a world of opportunity for issue-based activists. With the right plan in place, there's no end to the number of people you can reach or the impact you can create. But the internet is a noisy place with many competing messages, and online campaigners are challenged by limited resources and understanding how to measure real behavior change.


The nonprofit digital marketing experts at Media Cause will show you how to lay the groundwork for a focused and effective online campaign that considers the entire supporter journey. They'll walk you through proven messaging, social media, and email marketing best practices. They'll even show you how to impress your supporters and donors by measuring what matters most: the amount of change you've created and your Cost Per Good Done.

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Tell Stories That Ignite Change
Presented by: Elizabeth Sell, No Kid Hungry
Introduction: Leslie Barcus, Executive Director, VegFund

Many of you are on the front lines of activism - you're pulling up your boots, going out into the community, and "telling stories" to inform the public about why we need vegans and vegan activists in the world to help animals. This first webinar hosted by VegFund has come from what we are hearing from you and what we feel is a huge need to get out good information in the best way possible to ignire behavior change. We have a great turnout, and we thank all of you for attending. You're going to be hearing from Elizabeth Sell today, who will be introduced by Leah Gage. Leah is out moderator and organizer for this event.

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