Activist Resource Center

The Internet is a bottomless reservoir of information. We've assembled a select list of some of the very best online resources for vegan activists for your reference.

Topics Include:
• effective advocacy methods
• research reports on animal agriculture, legal actions, and our food system
• useful — and eye-opening — statistics on animal agriculture and its effect on the environment, human   health, land use, wildlife, and more
• guides to organizing and holding activist events
• how to design campaigns
• sites to refer to the veg-curious 

Online Resources for Vegan Advocacy

Animal Charity Evaluators
Up-to-date research in effective animal advocacy.

Advocacy Methods
Review of evidence of the effectiveness of various forms of animal advocacy.

A curated research collection designed to help advocates, academics, and researchers draw
connections between fields that promote a better understanding of animal advocacy.

CEVA – Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy
CEVA seeks to increase the effectiveness of vegan advocates and organizations through offering on-site trainings, organizational consulting, and a strategy resource center.

Compassion Over Killing's Advocacy Resources
Guides to leafleting, hosting "feed-ins," and restaurant outreach.

Extensive sourced statistics on the effects of animal agriculture on greenhouse gases, water resources, land use, waste/pollution, health of our oceans, rainforests, wildlife, and human health. The site also provides a sharable, downloadable infographic.

Conducts research to help advocates understand how people think about animals and to improve the way people view and treat animals. Use their free tools or partner with them to discover successful strategies and make every action count for animals.

Global Justice Now
A series of guides on topics such as organizing, holding outreach events, and designing campaigns. Some advice in these guides can be applied across social justice movements, including animal rights and veganism.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
Research and tools for advocacy work. Research reports are available on animal agriculture, legal actions, changes in our food system, and animal welfare according to species.

Mercy For Animals' Action Center
Actions you can take to help animals.
Concise and specific advice on becoming a more effective advocate. The blog provides additional tips on effective activism.

Encourages people to try vegan living for the month of January and provides support thereafter to stay vegan (or to continue making positive behavior changes). Provides practical information and support for making the transition as easy and enjoyable as possible. Perfect resource for sharing with the public when advocating for veganism.

Vegan Outreach
Distributes booklets that promote plant-based eating.

We Animals, Jo Anne McArthur
Moving and educational photographs of animals and factory farming free for use in your outreach efforts along with accreditation to Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals.