Our Mission

VegFund empowers vegan activists worldwide by funding and supporting effective outreach activities that inspire people to choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle.

Our Vision

A compassionate world where all people embrace a vegan way of life.

Our Values

As an organization, VegFund:


VegFund was co-founded in 2009 by Zia Terhune, Rae Sikora, and Jim Corcoran. Named "Non-Profit of the Year" by VegNews Magazine that same year, VegFund began with a simple concept to support vegan activists by providing small grants for grassroots outreach. The organization quickly became known in the vegan community and began receiving numerous funding requests from groups and activists in the U.S. and abroad. Since then, VegFund has grown significantly and expanded beyond just funding events, by offering activists an encouraging environment with access to free consulting and best practices. Comprised almost entirely of volunteers with no centralized office, VegFund keeps its operating costs very low allowing more funds to go directly to outreach.

Three unique grant programs allow VegFund to support a wide array of outreach opportunities. The original program, Food Sampling, supports outreach events where delicious vegan food is distributed to the public along with educational literature. The Video Outreach program aims to expose people to powerful videos that inspire a vegan lifestyle through viewing booths (Pay-Per-View), group screenings, and online campaigns. Lastly, Merit Awards are granted to other innovative vegan outreach projects and campaigns that do not fall in the previous two categories.

Since its inception, VegFund has supported thousands of vegan outreach projects in dozens of countries. Hundreds of thousands of VegFund sponsored vegan food samples, along with educational literature, have been distributed to the public. In the online video outreach programs, tens of millions of online viewers have seen vegan educational videos, with hundreds of viewers every day expressing their intent to go vegan.

Through ongoing dialogue with our sponsored groups, VegFund constantly monitors efficiency and utilizes the best available research to make informed program decisions. Filling a much-needed niche in the vegan movement, VegFund embraces new ideas and continues to evolve in an effort to support effective vegan outreach.