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See you at Animal Rights National Conference 2018!

VegFund is pleased to be a sponsor of this year’s Animal Rights National Conference in Los Angeles, June 28 to July 1. VegFund provides grant-based support to vegan advocates globally. Come visit us at our booth during the event and find out how we can support your vegan outreach efforts!

Creating compassionate communities worldwide

On 11-15 June, The Save Movement observed it’s annual week of action – 5 Days of SAVE. This worldwide event brought together a global network of local Save groups to embrace the power of bearing witness and promote compassion within their communities. Read all about it in VegFund’s latest blog article!

2018 staff additions

VegFund's Executive Director, Leslie Barcus would like to take a moment to introduce the full team, including those who have recently joined VegFund!

"I am beyond pleased to tell you about the very fine people we've recently hired at VegFund, along with the fabulous cast of characters that make up our full team." Read on here.

It's all about the plants!

What role do you think stock free farming plays in the future of our food and farming systems? VegFund's latest blog article discusses the challenges we face with a currently unsustainable farming system, highlighting some of the key issues it is causing and the benefits that a stock-free approach could have. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this important topic.

The future of fashion is fur-free

Fur-free campaigns are gaining momentum across the world, and the cruelty-free fashion trend is on the rise. Read all about how ACTAsia, one of VegFund's grantees, is taking the fashion scene in China by storm through their innovative outreach approach!

Reducetarian Summit 2018

Tickets are now available for this year's Reducetarian Summit!

The Reducetarian Summit brings together a diversity of people and perspectives to explore strategies and tactics for reducing global consumption of animal products and ending factory farming. This year's conference theme is "action."

The summit will take place September 28th-30, 2018, in Los Angeles, CA.

Stay up to date with the latest on this event via the event page on Facebook.

VegFund is now sponsoring screenings of Kangaroo

Kangaroo: A Love–Hate Story, a brand new film that has swept the nation’s film festivals, is now available to screen in your community. This important film focuses on the dark truths of Australia’s fraught relationship with its beloved mascot, revealing the greater hypocrisy of humans’ exploitative relationship with animals.

VegFund is thrilled to offer grants to vegan and animal rights advocates who wish to host screenings in their communities. VegFund will cover the cost of the screening license, and, in many cases, will cover other costs associated with the event, such as rental space or food samples.

Watch the trailer here.

Detailed guidelines on VegFund’s screening grants program are available here. To apply for a grant to screen Kangaroo, start here!

The Last Pig: A film to share in your community

This new feature-length documentary is perfect for sharing in your community. The Last Pig will move your audience and inspire them to question the role of farm animals in our lives. Interested in hosting a screening? Find out how VegFund can help you make this happen!

Help us support more vegan advocates in 2018

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our year-end donation ask! Your support will help us increase our support of vegan advocates worldwide in 2018. Vegan advocacy work has never been more important. Your donations will help us to continue supporting our current grantees and to reach new ones. If you haven't already donated, please consider supporting an activist today!