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We're Hiring!

VegFund is ringing in the "new" in 2018 in the form of two new staff hires! We seek talented and committed people to fill roles of a Program Officer for Grant-making and Grant Management, and a Digital Marketing Specialist. If you would like to apply or recommend experts for these positions, please contact us at

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What We Learned About You

Thanks to everyone who responded to our vegan activist survey this summer! Your thoughtful feedback will help guide VegFund’s program development in support of our current and new grantees. Find out what we learned about you in our latest blog!

The Last Pig: A Film to Share in Your Community

This new feature-length documentary is perfect for sharing in your community. The Last Pig will move your audience and inspire them to question the role of farm animals in our lives. Interested in hosting a screening? Find out how VegFund can help you make this happen!

The Campaign that Triggered National Conversation

Over 17 years ago, Maneka Sanjay Gandhi stirred up a national dialogue across India, highlighting some important issues around dairy consumption. Read all about it!

Creating dialogues in our communities is an important part of our movement towards a healthier and more compassionate world. Let's keep this dialogue active and global!